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Terms of guarantee for the floor heating

Haceka BV
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Acc Sanit/ haceka S.A.S.
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Haceka GmbH Badausstattung
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1.The floor heating mat (Fuego and Solum) have a 10 year term of guarantee. These terms apply if the original floor covering (tiles, laminate, wood, carpet) is present. The terms and conditions are specified below. The guarantee applies when there are demonstrable faults in the material, manufacturing mistakes and malfunctions of the appliance, as far as these can be put down to the product. Visual damages to the product need to be reported prior to installation.

2. Buiten deze garantie vallen defecten welke veroorzaakt zijn door:

Chemical influences, transport, normal wear and installation errors and also incorrect use;
Damages resulting from natural disasters (like floods), fire, lightning, accidents, corrosive environment or other circumstances beyond the influence of Haceka;
The use of components or accessories that are not applicable or suitable in combination with electric floor heating systems.
Parts not supplied by Haceka.
3.The 10-year-term of guarantee applies solely under the following conditions:

The Fuego floor heating system has been bought and installed by the current occupant of the house;
The floor heating system has been installed by a registered electrician; The floor heating system has been fully installed according to the instructions. A circuit breaker needs to be installed in all cases;
The original floor finish/floor covering still needs to be present and in original state, and the buyer of the floor heating still needs to live in the house. The guarantee expires when the buyer sells the house.
The guarantee of the floor heating system expires when the floor covering and/or floor finish is damaged, lifted, shifted, repaired or covered.
When there is a production fault and/or construction fault in the floor heating system, there will be no extra charges for investigation and repair. In all other circumstances costs for investigation and repair will be charged to the owner.
In most cases it is possible to determine the cause of the external damage to the heating wire or foil. Only during the investigation can the location of the problem be determined, and can a decision be made as to whether it can be repaired on the spot. If the problem not turns out to be a production and/or manufacturing fault, the guarantee will not apply and it will therefore expire.
4.The guarantee claims are only limited to delivery of replacements of the product.

5.If you want call upon this guarantee, you need to go to the store where you bought the product. Only the store can return the product, providing you submit the original purchasing receipt.

6.A valid claim has to be made, within two months after discovering a fault, or should have been discovered by you within reason, at the store where the product was bought.

7.This guarantee applies not excluding all other rights or claims that the buyer is entitled to according to law.