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Assortment of shower sets

Kosmos' and Mezzo's shower sets go perfectly with the accessories and taps of the same series. This way your bathroom will be both stylish and harmonious. Every shower set is available with an assortment of jets. Do you prefer a hard or a soft water jet? Or, would you like a gentle mist for your refreshing shower? The shower sets of Kosmos and Mezzo, provide you with a fully customised shower.

We advise you not to drill in the joints. The accessory will not have enough grip to hang straight. For sturdier mounting, it is better to drill into the tile. First put some tape on the tile to prevent the drill from slipping.


If you would rather not drill into the tiles, please use HangOn. This is a super-adhesive glue which you can use instead of drilling. HangOn can bear a weight of up to 110 kg, so you do not have to worry about the accessory falling down. You can use HangOn with the Kosmos, Mezzo, and PRO2000 series.

Chromed accessories will shine again when cleaned with a sponge, a mild detergent solution, and a soft piece of cloth. To get rid of water stains you can use a cleanser with a basis of vinegar or citric acid. Do not use corrosive chemicals and scourers.

For unity in style, it is important that the shower set matches the rest of your bathroom. The Kosmos and Mezzo series also offer a wide variety of accessories and taps. You can find more information about this on this website.